A Joey Named Jack Babywearing

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Our Background

Hi, I'm Em. I am Mum to my koala baby Jack who is the inspiration and reason behind my business.

Jack was a reflux baby till about 14 months old. Sleep was non-existent and he constantly (and still does) wants to be held. Babywearing has been a necessity for us!

After having a terrible start to babywearing, I came across the local babywearing meet and this opened an entire new world and I fell down the amazing hole of babywearing. It also led me to becoming a Kangatrainer where I run postnatal safe full body babywearing exercise class for Mums and Bubs (Kangatraining Padbury, Greenwood and Surrounds).

From there I become so passionate about babywearing. It has completely changed my life and parenting style. This has led me here in starting this business venture as I wish I knew what I do now back then as a new parent. I love to help new parents, expecting parents and parents of toddlers with all things babywearing and following their instincts when parenting.

A Joey Named Jack Babywearing offers babywearing consults for families. We also stock and sell baby carriers and carrier accessories. We can’t wait to help you on your babywearing journey.

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